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BRAYCE Bracelet Plain Color White


Incredibly soft and comfortable.
You will love it!

Simple, elegant and absolutely suitable for every situation: The uni-colored SuperSoft Silicone player number bracelets, powered by BRAYCE®!

Add yourself to the roster. Customize an authentic BRAYCE® bracelet with your number and become part of the team. Every single BRAYCE® is handmade and has a very personal meaning to you – because there’s nothing more personal to a player than his very own jersey number! ⊻ Read more

The original MagAttrac® closure with an innovative hidden and patent pending is made of premium nickel-free 316L surgical stainless steel. Unbreakable! The band is made of high-quality and skin-friendly SuperSoft Silicone for an enjoyable fit.

Put on! It’s GameDay!

Discover BRAYCE®

Option 1
Use a measuring tape

Put a flexible measuring tape, cord, paper, watch etc. around your wrist.

Then measure its length with a ruler or measuring tape.

For a comfortable fit, please leave some space between wrist and measuring tape!

Option 2
Print our size guide
  1. Print the size guide.
    Click here to print the size guide
  2. Please note that the scale has to be at 100%!
  3. Cut the measuring BRAYCE® along the line.
  4. Put it around your wrist and measure the length.

⇒ For a comfortable fit, please leave some space between wrist and measuring tape!

Option 3
Order a BRAYCE® sizer for free

You don’t have a measuring tape? No problem! We’ll send a free BRAYCE® sizer to you.



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Clever closure! Hidden and invisible locking mechanism!

The unbreakable MagAttrac® closure is made of nickel-free, 316L stainless steel and provides a strong hold of your BRAYCE®. Due to the sophisticated system, the closure can still be locked and unlocked very easily.

Size MagAttrac® closure:
double-digit:  27,5 x 18 mm
single-digit: 16 x 18 mm

The band has a width of 16 mm and is available in these lengths:
15 – 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20 – 21 – 22 und 23 cm

Free Delivery & Return

We offer free shipping to all destinations in the United States!

If you’re not 110% satisfied with your BRAYCE® products, return them for a full refund. Our customer care team will be pleased to help you with your return. Just fill in our return form and we will send you a UPS label so you can easily send back your BRAYCE® .

We will bear the UPS costs for you.

Please note: We cannot accept parcels without postage!

All said & done, please allow us a few days to process.
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outstanding quality
extremely durable
unbreakable closure
suitable for sports
stainless steel
jersey numbers 0-99
24/7 passion

Production of the components

Before getting ready to individually assemble your personal BRAYCE®, we produce the parts of it. In doing so,  ⊻ Read more

 we always  make sure that we only use the best materials and take care of every single component – because at the end, your individual BRAYCE® will be created from them! We do not compromise on quality!




Handmade for you!

At the BRAYCE® team, everyone knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to assembling your personal BRAYCE®. ⊻ Read more

You have the final say! We will make your BRAYCE® for you exactly according to your wishes because it’s handmade just for you! As we are our own toughest critics, we scrutinize your BRAYCE® again and again before it may leave our workshop. You deserve simply the best and that’s why we’re keeping the quality standard of your Jersey Bracelet® so high.




Fast delivery!

Your BRAYCE® looks awesome, provides strong hold and will completely fulfill your wishes – so it’s ready to ⊻ Read more

be put into the iconic red BRAYCE® box and sent to your place!
The process will take approx. one week and then you have your own individually handmade BRAYCE® in your hands!




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Product Information


Band: 100% SuperSoft Silicone

MagAttrac® Closure: 316L Stainless Steel (nickel-free)


The trend is your friend: Order your bracelet white with your number 0-99

The color white was, is and will remain the designer’s favorite. Because the color white can do everything from minimalist to fairy-tale, is exciting and innocent at the same time. White stands for a fresh breeze in summer and in our culture above all for peace and innocence: for a “non-colored” color, white has surprisingly many meanings. This also applies to the white bracelet from BRAYCE®.

The trendy fan bracelet in plain white is a sporty and elegant piece of jewelry that is suitable for absolutely every situation. Whether you’re doing sports in the gym, cheering on your favorite team in the arena or dining with friends in your favorite restaurant, the jersey bracelet is a must-have. Order now your bracelet white with the jersey number of your choice!

#BRAYCEyourself and cutomize your jersey bracelet white

The braclet white is sturdy due to its material properties. We at BRAYCE® also offer you optimum wearing comfort with the high-quality closure. Your white bracelet from the BRAYCE® SuperSoft Silicone collection is finished with a rust- and nickel-free stainless steel closure. The patented lock is invisible from the outside and makes your favorite number on the stainless steel masterpiece a real eye-catcher.

Our silicone bracelet has even made it into the BRAYCE® custom program. In a modified form, numerous NHL have chosen a stylish bracelet from our SuperSoft Silicone collection. These bracelets are available in our flagship store since the 2018 season.

The BRAYCE® custom proram

Do you want to turn your bracelet white or another bracelet from a BRAYCE® collection into a team bracelet? No problem! The club logo and other club-typical features are realized within the framework of the custom program from a minimum order quantity of 300 fan wristbands.

Your unique bracelet from the SuperSoft Silicone collection from BRAYCE® is and remains unique. It’s the jewelry for sportsmen and sports enthusiasts! Order now in only three steps with the help of our innovative configurator: Choose your style, your band length and refine your jewelry with your jersey number 0-99!